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ICT installations and systems

ICT installations and systems

In currently built facilities, apart from standard general purpose electrical installation, it is common to install infrastructure for ICT systems, including telecommunications and computer systems.

The dynamic progress and development in electronics and information technologies allows for mutual integration of these two systems.

This gives us digital broadband networks with enormous possibilities, one example of which is the Internet, a source of infinite volumes of information.

Such installations allow for efficient and easy use of all electronic devices often connected into a single network, broadly expanding their previous capabilities.

Structural cabling installations built within such systems have a huge potential, acting as a “switchboard” in electrical installations. Such a system covers a building with a certain cabling structure, allowing for signals generated by electronic equipment to be distributed via connections and switching carried out in the control centre.

  • MAN, WAN, LAN infrastructure
  • certified cable networks
  • structured cabling systems
  • fiber optic installations / trunk lines
  • analog and digital telephone exchanges
  • IP technologies
  • VoIP technologies
  • telecommunication ducts
  • GPON installations
  • HFC installations
  • server infrastructure
  • WiFi and WiMAX networks
  • terrestrial and satellite television systems
  • active network devices

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